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How not to clean the kitchen

How not to clean the kitchen

It doesn't matter whether you live in the largest house in the neighborhood or in the smallest apartment in the city center, regardless of whether you have a mansion or accommodation, whether you live with your huge family, with your friends, or a single lover or yourself, no matter where you You live in it, in any country or town, most likely you have a kitchen. Although you may be a cooking freak, dreaming of becoming a Master Chef nest and enjoying the experiences in the kitchen, you may also hate spending much of your time in this room and prefer to eat fast food and beautiful dinner parties in a great style restaurant in town. But you still have this room and to some extent you use it. The coffee you make, the sandwiches you make, and the meat you make all make your kitchen dirty and greasy, and even letting this unused room accumulate a lot of dirt. And you end up cleaning it. but how? This is a vital question and the only most important question is how not, because often today the worst mistakes of good intentions were made only. So we know better how to avoid them.



Never just criticized

Cleaning with a laser damp cloth may be very useful and effective in some situations, and may work perfectly well, let's say, remove a lot of dust on the night shelf. But when it comes to the kitchen, there is nothing that easy. With wet influence, it will allow only the accumulation of dirt more than the surface as in the kitchen, the main problem is not in dust, but in grease and dirt. For this reason, you need to use a powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning product that will get rid of all the bacteria stuck there.


Always unplug

This is the room with most appliances. From the oven and the refrigerator, to the microwave and dishwasher directly to the coffee maker and toaster, you can continue to count. These devices are often dirty, and if you don't clean them adequately, they become so severe that you prefer not to use them. To prevent this result, take care of it weekly, please do not risk, and always disconnect it.


Don't procrastinate

The worst mistake you can make is not to clean too much. The kitchen cannot be compared to the living room in any way and the care it needs is much greater and more complex. That is why it is best for you to put a written schedule or just in your mind. If necessary, put kitchen cleaning on your plan, but never skip it. And if you don't have time, which is quite normal these days, you can rely on a team of experts who will come and master your kitchen instead of you, leaving it in perfect condition and you are completely satisfied.



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