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Carpet Cleaning - How To Avoid Some Problems

Carpet Cleaning - How To Avoid Some Problems

The most common problem with carpet cleaning using the DIY method is excessive urination and excessive use of detergents.


Ideally, the carpet should dry within eight hours. If it remains wet for more than twelve hours, the mold may develop and grow. If the carpet is still too wet, a vacuum cleaner with a water filter can be used to remove excess moisture. After that, the drying time can be accelerated by dryer. It is desirable to operate the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system while the washed carpet is completely dry.




Excessive use of detergents (chemicals with surfactant activity with washing, disinfecting or thawing) is another common problem when trying to clean paved carpets themselves. Exceeding the amount of detergent on the recommended percentage of the solution does not increase the washing performance. When using a stronger concentration than recommended, detergent residue may remain in the carpet, which may allow the carpet to age faster.


Other common problems related to household cleaning of carpets are incorrect cleaning agents - some may contain only stain removal chemicals, many of which have bleaching agents; fibers can be damaged if washing is not done properly. Never use laundry detergent as a detergent. Most detergents contain bleach.


There are five recognized carpet cleaning methods, but only three are easy to use. Furthermore, in the case of professional cleaning, only these three methods should be used.


Clean the hot water

This is among the most common ways for users who clean their carpets themselves. Many steam cleaners (hot water extraction) are available on the market and are available to consumers for this purpose. It should be noted that cleaning results are different, depending on the procedures used and the degree of contamination of the carpet.




Water-based household appliances or cleaning systems allow high-quality carpet washing, and the results can be improved by selecting high-quality detergents and applying the product directly to the carpet using special nozzles. The product may remain on the carpet for 5-7 minutes, after which it should be cleaned.


Dry cleaning with powder

Another common way to clean carpets is to use dry cleaning or dry cleaning. Since this cleaning method does not recover the rug, it is intended to be used several times a year to maintain the appearance of the rug. This method is used for dusty organic matter and dust saturated with detergents and dry solvents. The mixture is applied to carpet fibers, then the dust is removed by a vacuum cleaner with dirty particles absorbed.


Cleaning foam

This is another way to clean the carpet, but this method can give limited results, only when we rent equipment. Foam is applied to carpet fibers, spread with brushes and vacuumed.


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