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Cleaning the bedroom neglects you, but no

The bedroom is your favorite place at home.

In which you relax, sleep, share, love. The one that brings you joy, but also calms. The warmest room in your house that is the home of your soul and not just one of the many.


And because of all this, he needs more special care and deserves more than just a vacuum cleaner, a quick dust and a change of sheets from time to time. This room should be cleaned on a deeper and more complex level and should not neglect those three tasks:



The mattress

Most likely, change the sheets once a week or so. However, how often do you clean your mattress? It accumulates so much dust and dirt that you breathe during the nights when you are supposed to recharge energy, it is a shame that you neglect your cleaning. With just baking soda and some clean water you can work miracles.


The cobwebs

They seem not to have great importance. You may think that something as small as the many cobwebs in the corners cannot hurt. But in reality, the dust gets stuck in the cobwebs and then goes straight to the lungs.


The dust, but really

Ok, you certainly remove dust from your room, but the real question is how. Do you move all the books to clean under them and clean them one by one? Does it remove dust from lamps and shelves? Not really, right? And you have to do it. Dust is the biggest enemy of the house and, once you remove it more deeply, it will be much easier to clean it at any other time.





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