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End of Tenancy cleaning

End of Tenancy cleaning. 

We've all seen it right? Hand marks on the walls, greasy dirt in the oven, crumbs at the back of the cupboards but deeper mold in the bathroom and thick sticky dust at the top of the kitchen cabinets and let's not even start with the characteristics that have fallen into neglect and possible injury. It is not only disgusting, it is a health hazard and tenants who certainly do not want to live in it, landlords will not rent your property easily and property managers; well you know the law on this!



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It is already a legal requirement to clean the property at the end of any rent. Tenants usually bear this cost, but it depends on the agreement between the tenant and the landlord. Here are some reasons why you (regardless of the legal aspects) should be thoroughly professional.


  • Tenant Deposits: The deposit you pay at the beginning of your lease is at the place of payment for any unpaid rent or any damage not caused by normal wear and tear of the property. Deposits can range from one month rent to three month rent which is a large sum of money. By ensuring that you not only care about your property, but are thoroughly professional at the end of the rental period, you are more likely to recover your deposit.



  • Maintain a good relationship between the tenant and the landlord: You may not be a tenant through the same landlord again, but a good signal is always of great use. If the tenant does not have a good end to the lease, do not transfer this ordeal to your next tenant, and make sure that their next occupants have a clean and healthy home - you also want good references and keep the rent.



  • Rent: If you are renting a property, it is likely that this is an investment property with you that wants to maximize your return. Ensuring that you provide a clean and good property will help you ensure that you get the right monthly return.



  • Health: Not only are bacteria, dirt and disgust, they pose a major health risk. Professional hygiene will ensure that you have done the maximum to eliminate dirt, bacteria and the potential risks that accompany it.



  • Respect: Yes! Respect - we all cook with different spices leaving different traces of smell we all live in different ways but we return a house as I found it, which shows respect, and there can not be enough in this modern age!



For more information, End of tenancey cleaning in canterbary, assistance or any other queries, contact Lets Rent A Home to discuss how we can help you. We offer a comprehensive service with free property management. We can take care of everything for you and ensure that landlords and tenants are able to rent stress-free.



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