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Carpet cleaning tips to keep your family healthy

Carpet cleaning tips to keep your family healthy

Carpets are a fertile breeding ground for dust and other allergens such as fungi, mold and dust mites. Although some families avoid carpets because they do not want their children to inhale dirty air particles, proper cleaning relieves many of these dangers. Clean carpets also look better, smell better and last longer than carpets full of dust, allergens and stains.




Fortunately, there are many products available that make it easy for homeowners to take care of their own carpets between professional cleanings. Dry cleaning options are one of the most popular ways to take care of carpets because they reduce odors and prevent colors from fading. With a dry carpet cleaner, you won't have to wait hours or even days for the area to dry.



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First, disperse the simple biodegradable cleaning compound evenly in the area and apply the mixture on the carpet. The cleaning product includes small polymers that encapsulate particles of dirt, hair and other allergens in a dry residue that is easy to remove. Once the compounds have absorbed dirt and dust from the carpet, you can simply vacuum the area to remove the product and dirt from the carpet.


Whether you find a cleaning product suitable for home use or hire a professional cleaner, dry carpet cleaning offers the following benefits:


  • After a dry cleaning, your carpet will be easier to clean in the future because dirt particles will not be deeply embedded.
  • Your carpet will remain dry for the most part throughout the process and will cause minimal inconvenience.
  • Dry cleaning never shrinks your carpet or affects the color of the carpet.
  • Your family will be exposed to less dangerous chemicals and odors.
  • Most dry carpet cleaning products use ecological biodegradable compounds.


Although many people assume that dry carpet cleaning is only suitable for removing light spots and dirty areas, this method can keep your entire carpet clean and well maintained. Many dry carpet cleaning systems also include complementary products to remove heavy stains, such as grease, glue and beverages.


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