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Clean the window

Clean the window

How clean do you have Windows? If you notice a lot of dust and dirt from rainy springs, your windows may need some TLC. Use these tips to get font-free windows that you'll love all summer.


What to use

Microfiber towel - soak in hot water before use, this allows them to open up and collect more dirt and dirt when cleaning the windows. Sponges - inexpensive, easy to carry, absorbable, long lasting. Newspaper - dense, will not scratch. If your windows are very dirty, rub in circular motions first and then in queues. Squeegee - tough enough to loosen dirt and will not damage the glass. If your windows are large, this will save time because you cover more space.



What not to use

Breaching the fabric - you will get rid of the initial dirt but most likely will leave streaks due to the fibers. Paper towels - windows can be scratched due to lint and fiber in them. These filth distortion will cause streaks instead of cleaning your windows.



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What to clean to use

White vinegar and water - for interior windows, free of chemicals to help eliminate strips. The best part is that they are child-friendly. Soap dish and water - for external windows, if this does not work, there is always a commercial cleaner. Commercial grade cleaner - more expensive and not readily available. In addition, they are not guaranteed to be a child, pet or environmentally friendly.


When to clean

Cloudy day or when the sun does not shine directly through the cleaning windows. This means that the sun does not dry the solution and leaves a build-up or film of chemicals.


Cleaning windows can be a waste of time, especially if you don't notice lines appearing until a sunny day, which will clean you up again. Save time and let professional windows clean. Bubbles Window Cleaning ensures you do a good job the first time. Call or click here to clean your windows today!


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